Thursday, October 16, 2008

Arbor Mist @ Walmart

I went to Walmart today to use my free bag of dog food coupon from the other day as well as to get a few free zone bars after the $1 coupon. I decided to pick up some wine since I had a few friends over tonight. I don't usually drink Arbor Mist as I'm not into fruity drinks and greatly prefer red wine but I couldn't resist the deal. Arbor Mist has some new sparkling wines out (which were actually pretty yummy) which had tags on them with $2 off coupons as well as a few with rebate tags (which had $3 rebate wyb 1 sparking and 1 regular, $7 rebate wyb 2 sparkling and 2 regular, or $12 rebate wyb 3 sparkling and 3 regular) and the regular Arbor Mist had $2 off 2 tags on them. I picked up 2 bottles of sparkling (at about $7.50 each) and 2 bottles of regular (at about $3 each) and used 3 $2 coupons plus I will do the $7 rebate. Therefore I paid approximately $8 for the 4 bottles which isn't a bad deal, considering I had intended on getting two bottle of asti at $11 a piece.


fatima said...

Arbor mist iss my fave! I hope my walmart has those deals!!! halloween is coming up!

Thanks for sharing