Sunday, October 26, 2008


The deal that many other bloggers and I had posted about Omaha Steaks is no longer valid. I placed my order it was confirmed (I even received an e-mail stating what day to expect my burgers) and then they sent me an e-mail saying my order could not be completed with the free item because offers could not be combined????? Check out Thrifty Florida Mom's post for more details on Omaha Steaks horrible customer service!!!


The Merediths said...

I received the same email from Omaha Steaks only one day after they sent me an email to state that my 12 free burgers were on its way. Well, not so sure if they sent the email after they sent my package because two days later, I got my 12 burgers!!!

But, my friends stated that they received poor customer service from OS as well.