Monday, October 13, 2008


I have tried several different methods of coupon organizing systems but I have yet to find something that works for me. First I tried one of the envelopes that you buy with the pre-made tabs, but my coupon collection quickly out grew that. Then I tried the method where you keep the entire insert and write the date of it, but I get coupons from many different sources and ended up with an envelop and a stack and I would prefer to have everything in one place. This weekedn I decided I need a box to organize my coupons. I looked on ebay and saw box organizing systems selling for $30+ and I couldn't bring myself to pay that much for something I can easily make for myself. After a little research I found a great idea on another blog (although now I can't remember where I saw it). So yesterday I set out to make my own coupon organizer. First stop was Michael's where I used my 50% of one item coupon to purchse a pink photo box (org. $4.49) for $2.25. Next to walmart where I purchased two 80ct boxes of small envelopes for $0.97 each. At home I already had 2 packages index cards purchased on clearance at target for $0.11 each. I cut the flaps off all of the envelopes and cut all of the index cards to the height of the box. I inserted an index card into each envelope so that it stood out of the envelope making a tab on which I could write a category and then put all envelopes in the box. I then set out on the task of organizing and clipping all of my coupons (a special thanks to my sister for helping me with this tedious task). The end product was an awesome coupon organizer for only $4.65 (over $25 saved)!