Monday, November 17, 2008

Two Excellent Questions from Readers

Today I received two great questions from readers that I thought might be better answered as a post as some others might be thinking the same thing...

HI! Where did you get this coupon:"$3/$15 Face Skin Care Products"?

  • This coupon was one the printed out on my receipt with my ECBs (on some blogs and forums this kind of coupon will be referred to as a CRT). I always hold onto any random CRTs like this and check them when the new sales come out because often times they match up!!! For example a few weeks ago there was a good sale on airborne and I also had a $4/$20 for heath and dietary supplements (which in the ad it said airborne was)!

Hi! Thanks for your deals update. I"m new to the couponing/drugstore wheelin' and dealin'. Could you please tell me if you purchase more than one newspaper each sunday in order to have enough coupons to pull off some of these deals? And, if so, do you find that it's always worth it? In other words, is it a weekly scenario that you would find coupons that you needed duplicate/triplicate/quad of in order to get a really good deal?Thanks!

  • It is definitely necessary to have multiples of individual coupons in order to get many of the best deals and on most weeks it is worth buying several papers (I used to buy 4 each week and then pick up more if there was anything exciting). However, I have taken frugal couponing to a new level.... I recently discovered that my neighborhood (I live in a condo) has a plethora of recycling bins throughout. Well, I have an excellent best friend who I have conned into "bike riding" with me every Monday night, and we "dumpster dive" getting multiples of every insert for FREE! Now obviously this isn't for everyone as it takes a good hour or two, but I end up with about 15-20 of each insert as well as a few from past weeks every week thus saving myself a pretty nice chunk of change not to mention get a pretty decent work out. If "dumpster diving" isn't for you, you could always ask friends, family, and neighbors for there old Sunday papers and probably make out pretty well that way as well!!