Monday, July 13, 2009

Who wants FREE copy paper?

Staples had some awesome deals this week including penny copy paper and a $5 off $20 coupon so I HAD to make a trip as I had no copy paper left (perfect timing) and have a hard time passing up deals like these! Here's what I got...

2 packs Staples copy paper $3.69 each
2 packs Bic Velocity pens $1 each
2 packs #2 yellow pencils $0.01 each
1 pack Staples photo paper $9.99
2 packs Bic White-Out $1 each

Sub Total: $21.39

-$5 off $20 in-ad coupon
- 2 $0.50 White-Out PRINTABLES
- 2 $3.68 copy paper rebates
- 1 $8.99 photo paper rebate

Total: $0.96 PROFIT!!

A few pointers:
1. If your ad doesn't have the $5 off $20 coupon try printing one of the ads online that does (my store accepted this although the coupon was not in their ad)
2. The rebates are super easy (hence why they are named Staples Easy Rebates). Simply go to and enter 2 numbers from your receipts and your mailing address!
3. You can donate your extra free school supplies if you don't need it (that's what I intend to do... we usually pick up all the $0.01 Staples deals every year and donate them to a local school, shelter, etc)
4. Also Old Navy is offering a 10% off coupon if you donate 2 items of school supplies so you could turn those FREE pencils into even more savings!!!
5. The FREE photo paper can make a great gift to a scrapbooker or photo enthusiast especially when combined with other similar items to make a kit or basket.
6. If you haven't already sign up for the Staples Reward program while you're in the store. It is FREE and super easy plus among other benefits you earn 10% back in Staples Rewards on paper!