Monday, December 28, 2009


Be sure to go check out Thrifty Florida Mom's post on packing up Christmas. This will help you plan out what you need to get at after Christmas clearances. My only addition to her tips is that she suggests tossing decorations that you no longer want now while I suggest keeping them in a seperate box as you will be able to get more money for them in the months before Christmas next year at yard sales, consignment shops, or on Ebay then you would now.


angie said...

Thanks for the linkback ! I agree that "tossing" isn't the best idea for your gently used, but no longer needed holiday items. But seriously my stuff is just a notch above trash so "tossing" out is what should be done with mine.

Last year I sorted through my stuff and did end up selling a lot at my summer yardsale.

Good advice!

Crystal said...

Thanks for reading my blog. I read your blog regularly and love many of your insights! Plus it's great to see other frugalistas in Florida! I will continue to linkback anytime I find something particularly interesting.