Wednesday, January 6, 2010


This is my haul from Publix this week, and more importantly the majority of the food that will make up my menu plan for the remainder of the week!
Milk $3.19 (not an ideal price.... but we needed it)
2 Loaves Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain Bread BOGO $3.69/2
2 Hormel Beef Tips $4.00 each
-2 $1.50 PRINT
4 Boxes Pop Tarts BOGO $2.45/2
4 Boxes Success Rice $1.39 each
-4 $0.55 peelies (I found these on the large boxes of rice but they said ANY)
4 Bags Fresh Express Salad BOGO $3.69/2
-2 $1/2 Yellow Advantage Flyer
-$2 off $5 produce purchse Giant PRINT
2 Boxes Skinny Cow Bars BOGO $5.15/2
-2 $1 PRINT 
2 Old El Paso Gordita Dinner Kits BOGO $3.05/2
1 Package Taco Seasoning $1.19
-Free Taco Seasoning when you buy 2 Dinner Kits peelie
2 Jars Vlasic Pickles BOGO $2.89/2
-2 $0.55 PRINT
6 Cans Select Harvest Soup BOGO $2.45/2
-2 $1.50/3 PRINT
4 Cans Diced Tomatoes BOGO $1.53/2
-1 $1/4 PRINT
3 Packages Top Sirloin Fillets $4.23, $3.23, $3.87 (I normally try to get them alittle closer in price then this but this was the best I could do)
-B1G2 FREE Albertson's in-ad coupon


Now based on what I purchased above I intend to follow the following meal plan. But first a few notes (so you don't think I am completely insane and or unable to cook a real meal)... with these groceries and meal plan I feed 3 adults (myself included)... I also work a lot of nights so most meals are quick and easy or mostly pre-made foods... and I don't really have a full kitchen right (mostly just missing a stove/oven) now as the house is in halted stages of being remodeled...So for these reasons most of my meals are made using some microwave, electric skillet, crock pot, and George Forman. Now on with the meal plan:

Wednesday (That's tonight!)
Beef & Rice
-Hormel Beef Tips, Success Rice, and a bag of dole veggies (from Winn-Dixie earlier in the week)

-Date Night!!! No cooking for me.... can't wait!

Gorditas (This one is going to be interesting)
-I generally make shredded beef for tacos in the crock pot using some form of cheap roast cut but this time we are going to try it with the Top Sirloin Fillets from today. Although I am happy to be using the steaks as last time I sliced my finger open trying to cut the fat off the frozen roast like a real dummy!
-In the morning put Sirloin Fillets, 2 cans stewed tomatoes, 1/2 jar salsa (left over from a few weeks ago), 1 package taco seasoning, salt, and pepper into crock pot and let cook all day on low heat.
-Then use Gordita dinner kit, lettuce, and shredded cheese (from a few weeks ago) to finish putting together Gorditas!

Steak and Baked Potato Quick Sides
-Steak grilled on George Forman and Baked Potato Quick Sides (from freezer stock pile)

Steak Salad
-Left over steak from Saturday sliced and and put on salad blend with dressing (from stock pile) and maybe sliced avocado (from Winn Dixie earlier in the week)


Anonymous said...

I witnessed this shopping spree and then stopped Crystal to inquire HOW she had those great coupons... and so many! I was the lady in line behind her and could not believe her haul! Crystal, thanks for telling me about your blog... I will be a regular for sure! Cheers, Ryan R.

Crystal said...

It was a pleasure meeting you Ryan. I hope that you find lots of useful information here. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding getting started with coupons or anything else for that matter. I love helping others save money!