Tuesday, January 12, 2010



You can't become a frugalista if half the time you have no idea what other frugalistas are talking about! The couponing world has a whole language of its own, full or abreviations, acronyms, and store names made into verbs. To help you become familar with this language I have put together alittle dictionary of sorts.

ECB - Extra Care Buck (from CVS); prints out after certain purchases made at CVS using your reward card and can be used on future purposes.

WYB - When you Buy (as in get $2 ECB wyb 3)

BOGO - Buy one Get one free (also B2G1 or B3G1 for buy 2 get 1 or buy 3 get 1)

IP - Internet Printable Coupon

MIR - Mail In Rebate

OYNO - On Your Next Order

OOP - Out of Pocket (money spent out of your own pocket after coupons and sales but before MIR, ECB, RRs etc.)

RP - Red Plum insert from the Sunday paper (when you see something like 1/3 RP it is referring to the Red Plum insert from 1/3)

SS - Smartsource insert

P&G or PG - Procter and Gamble insert

CAT - Catalina coupon that prints at check out. These are usually found at Target and Winn Dixie among other stores

RR - Register Rewards from Walgreens (similar to ECB from CVS)

Peelie - Coupon found on a package that can be peeled off

Blinkie - Coupon found in little machine at stores with blinking light

PSA - Prices starting at

UPC - Universal Product Code, the bar code found on a product (also sometimes referred to as proof of purchase for rebates)

WT - Wine tag, coupons can often be found on wine tags which are found around the necks of bottles of wine

YMMV -You manager may vary, meaning that the deal is subject to manager or store approval and may or may not work out

FLIP- Food Lion internet printable coupon

Exp - expires on

Raincheck- when a store runs out of an item that is on sale you can request a raincheck which allows you to purchase the item at sale price when they get it back in stock

WAGs - Walgreen's

See any other terms you aren't familar with? Please feel free to comment here or contact me at YoungFrugalandFabulous@yahoo.com