Tuesday, January 19, 2010



An expert frugalista makes use of all the money making programs she can. There is a wide range of ways to make extra cash online. I personally find these programs very useful for funding Christmas shopping: simply participate all year long and cash in around Christmas time! There are several great programs out there that I have personal experience with.....

1. SWAGBUCKS- This is my personal favorite. I get rewarded for doing something I do EVERY day... searching the internet. I have downloaded the tool bar so that I can easily search no matter what site I'm currently on and have a chance of winning SWAGBUCKS. I win SWAGBUCKS every day for doing searches and they add up very quickly and can be redeemed for many different things: my favorite of which is a $5 Amazon gift card for only 45 SWAGBUCKS. Sign up for SWAGBUCKS HERE!

Search & Win

2. BERUBY- I am new to this program... acutally I just signed up last night. But it seems great! You can get paid just for going to websites you would ordinarily visit (facebook, twitter, gmail, myspace, etc) just by going through BERUBY. I set this site as my homepage to remind myself to click through them. Sign up for BERUBY HERE!

3. SEND EARNINGS- This site pays you just to read e-mails. Basically you sign up and they send you e-mails which you then click a link in to get paid for reading them! Sign up for SEND EARNING HERE!

4. YOUDATA- Get money deposited directly into your paypal account every week just for clicking a few ads. Sign up for YOUDATA HERE

5. MYPOINTS- MYPOINTS works much the same way as SEND EARNINGS does, except you earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards and other great prizes.

6. INBOX DOLLARS- INBOX DOLLARS works pretty much the same way as Send Earnings. I have been a member of this program for longet then any of the others and I personally love it because the e-mails are frequent and easy to navigate. Sign up for INBOX DOLLARS HERE