Wednesday, February 17, 2010


On Valentine's day I decided to go for the binder! So I finally got it done (sort of). I actually ended up tossing (well recycling) a bunch of my older inserts because they were far to big of a mess for me to even begin to sort. It would have taken weeks... maybe even months. But I did clip and sort the majority of my coupons and I am pleased with the result. Having the coupons already clipped made preparing for my recent Publix trip a breeze! I was even able to score a few additional deals thanks to this new system.

As you can see I have tabs for each category. The best part is the dividers also have pockets on both sides where I can put coupon booklets, rebates, or oversized coupons! I also bought a pouch thing for the front of the binder where I can keep my scissors and any other important items that I may decide to add later. This is probably the most organized my coupons have EVER been and boy am I excited!

Now I have all my coupons, rebates, rain checks etc in one spot and it is so easy to find any particular coupon I may be looking for. Actually, aeveral people even commented on my binder at the grocery store (but I think they actually thought I was a little crazy!) I am so excited to go shopping again with my fantastic binder (even if people think I'm nuts)!


Anonymous said...

I have a binder as well but I keep my coupon books "whole" then I just slide them in the full page sheet protectors toss out the noncoupon pages and double up the half pages if I can. I like this method because when I use the coupon websites they reference the coupons by book type and date But people look at me like I am crazy too.

Crystal said...

I saw that idea on a few sites when I decided to go for the binder (before I had been trying to use a hanging file system and keeping the inserts whole) and I loved it because there are so many coupons I don't use and it seems like a waste to cut them all... but in the end I went with this method because if I am in the store and see any sort of clearance or unadvertised sale I can hopefully find the corresponding coupon with ease. Before I would get really frustrated when I would see a sale and know I had a coupon but it would be at home or I would have no idea what insert it was in. Also this way I can store all my printables, tearpads, peelies, etc all in one place with the insert coupons!

Jill said...

Love the binder. I am going to try and get organized too. Thanks for the tips and good ideas!!!

C said...

I love my binder. but I also keep unclipped coupons in a different binder.