Wednesday, February 3, 2010


This is from my weekly Publix trip today. I had to buy a few things at (gasp) full price and a few more at not any where near my goal price and the cashier made a few mistakes with my coupons. However, all in all it was a successfull trip!

8 Boxes Toaster Strudles BOGO $2.47
-4 $1/2 1/3 GM
2 Bags Thomas Bagels BOGO $3.99
2 Loaves Pepperidge Farm Bread BOGO $3.69
-2 $0.55 PRINT
Budding Turkey $3.69 (not an ideal price, but at least I had the peelie)
-$0.55 peelie
Tortillas $1.89 (gasp... full price)
2 Bags Kraft Cheese $3.19 each (not an ideal price but the coupon made it more endurable)
-$2/3 any kraft dairy product tearpad (these included breakstone sour cream)
Breakstone Sour Cream $1.03
2 Boxes Graham Crackers BOGO $4.09
-2 $1 1/24 SS
Post Fruity Pebbles BOGO $4.05 (This nearly killed me!!!  I NEVER pay more then $1 for a box of cereal! We have like 10 boxes of cereal in our pantry  but someone will only eat the kid kinds... if that's not love I don't know what is :))
6 Packages Yoplait YoPlus Yogurt BOGO $2.50
-6 $1 1/3 GM
2 Bottle A-1 Sauce BOGO $4.41
-2 $1 off beef wyb A-1 tearpads
2 Bottles of Juicy Juice BOGO $3.09
-$1/2 PRINT
Shoulder Roast $7.15 ($2.99/lb)
2 Jars Pace Salsa BOGO $2.79
2 Gallons Publix Milk $3.19
1 Half Gallon Chocolate Milk $2.75
-FREE wyb 2 Gallons Milk PRINT (cashier took off $3.19)
International Delight $2.05
-FREE coupon from facebook I think
2 Golden Oreos $4.05
-2 FREE item coupons from facebook (cashier only took off $3.39)
2 Oreo Cakesters
-2 FREE wyb Oreos tearpad coupns

-$5/$25 Family Dollar competitor

Total: $49.19
Total Savings: $89.78


Laura @ Frugal Follies said...

Wow, that's very impressive. I wish I had been able to find Kraft tearpad! Thanks for stopping by and linking your post to Frugal Follies!

Saving Addiction said...

Great Job! Love the way you show the coupons used! Very nice and easy to read