Friday, March 5, 2010


I went to several Walgreen's today to take advantage of the FREE Purex deals before the coupons expire tomorrow (hopefully I will be able to go to a few more tomorrow before or after work). While there I checked out the clearance at each Walgreen's and found a few goodies.

24 Purex BOGO $5.99
-12 BOGO 2/21 RP
2 Revlon Eyeshadow $1.99
-2 $2 2/21 SS
2 Piolot packs of pens $1.12 (on clearance from $4.49)
2 Purex 3 in 1 2/$9
-BOGO 2/21 RP
-$1 blinkie
-$1 RR
8 Resveratrl BOGO $9.99
-$40 in Walgreen's March Coupon Booklet
Cutical Clipper $2.49 (on clearance from $9.99)
2 L'Oreal Cleanser $3.49 (on clearance from $6.99)
-2 $2 1/3 RP
Yes to Tomatoes $4.99 (on clearance)
3 Herbal Essence trial size conditioner $0.24 each (on clearance from $0.99)
3 Herbal Essence Hair Spray $2.99
-3 FREE wyb 2/7 RP

TOTAL: $24.12
OVER 92%


Mandy said...

great job!!!

M said...

Crystal, did you buy extra papers or order them from a clipping service? Your deals are Awesome!

Anonymous said...

so this is why i went to 4 different walgreens and couldn't find ANY purex. i'm all for stocking up, but 24 bottles of purex??? PLEASE, let the rest of us get deals too.

Crystal said...

M- I always buy several papers. But in the case of the Purex I ordered some of the coupons of ebay.

Anonymous- I am very sorry to hear that you were unable to find Purex at your stores, but I can assure you it was not because of me. I bought these Purex at a total of 8 Walgreen's and did not wipe out a single one of them. I made sure there was still some left for others and even left some coupons on the shelf at the last one because they had so many Purex left. Furthermore, anytime I stock up on a sale like this I wait until the end of the sale to buy this many of an item! Also 24 bottles of Purex is not that much for my household as we go through at least a bottle a week and we were down to 2 bottles of Tide that I bought last week.

Noelle said...

Way to Go!
A bottle of laundry detergent a week! Woman, bless you. I hope you have a clothesline or a solar panel. I'd hate to see your electric bill from your dryer! :)
But, seriously, great shopping!

Anonymous said...

this is stealing.

Vicki said...

Oh my word! I can not beleive someone said that using coupons is stealing! Could it be you are jealous that you don't KNOW how to get the great deals? As a couponer myself, this comments shows me that you are clueless to how coupons work. Maybe you need to educate yourself before making such comments that are UNTRUE!