Monday, June 6, 2011

How to Become a Frugalista: Building Your Coupon Stash

Obviously you can't coupon without coupons right? But where do you find those precious little pieces of paper? EVERYWHERE! Honestly, you would be amazed where you can find coupons. So keep your eyes peeled.

Get Sunday Newspapers (Yes Plural!)

The Sunday newspaper is one of the primary sources of coupons. Of course this is also a source that actually costs you some $$. Unless of course you get creative :)

First, scout your local papers. If you have more than one, there may be one that is cheaper than the others. Also some may carry different inserts than the others. Find out which local paper is best in your area as far as cost vs. coupon inserts goes.

Sometimes you can actually buy the inserts on Ebay cheaper than it would cost to buy the paper. This is especially true for weeks when there is only one insert. So take a look and price out your options. Also if you do go the Ebay route, consider getting some of your other local coupling friends or family to order along with you so that everyone can save on shipping!

Ok so those first two routes do actually cost you some money. What if you don't want to spend money to save money? Well, if you are really brave and thrifty you could try dumpster diving for Sunday coupon inserts. I have done this before and it can be really successful (of course it is also more time consuming than just purchasing the inserts - remember you get what you give). When it comes to dumpster diving for coupons, it may be important to note that in most situations you won't actually have to dive in the dumpster.

There are two dumpster diving options that I find allow you to find the most inserts in the shortest time. One option to scope out is your local recycling center - most will have newspapers separate which allows you to easily sort and find your inserts. The other option (the one I have actually used before) is apartment or condo complexes. Apartment or Condo complexes will often have the large recycling bins near the dumpster areas which can be a gold mine for coupon inserts. Try to go the day before recycling is picked up in order to find the most inserts.

If coupon dumpster diving isn't exactly your style, you can also ask friends, family and coworkers for their unused inserts. Although I encourage you to encourage them to use those inserts themselves ;)

One last possibility is local coffee shops and breakfast spots. Often people will leave their papers after they are through with them. You can pick up the coupon inserts when you are there or if you have a good relationship with the staff ask them to collect the coupon inserts for you.

I have also heard of others who are able to get the leftover coupon inserts from their local paper or have the newspaper delivery person save the coupon inserts from newspapers that are picked up the next day. I do not know if this is an option in your area, but I suppose it could be worth a few phone calls. Has anyone had any luck with this? I would love to hear about it!


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